How Much RAM Do I Need?

The more RAM, the better. However, it can be costly and it’s easy to have more than you need. If you are on a budget and don’t want to spend more than necessary, you need to ask yourself:

How much RAM do you really need?

The amount of RAM you need will vary depending on what you want to use the computer for, be it a laptop or desktop. The more things you are doing will require more RAM, as well as some programs that use a lot of it. My personal recommendations for different uses are:

2GB – For web browsing and light use
4GB – For work, school and even light video games and programs
8GB – For gaming, graphic design, light video edition and photo edition
16GB –  Light Worksation PC, for AAA gaming, video effects and video edition
32GB – A very high amount of RAM, recommended for heavy workloads
64GB – Even higher, most people don’t need this much

I currently use 8GB of RAM, which is easily an overkill for most things I use my computer for. But since I do occasional gaming, video edition and blogging, it works for me.

Future upgrade

You can save a bit more money now if you upgrade later.
If you are planning to use the same computer for as long as you can, I recommend checking if and how you can upgrade it:
 – Laptops: some laptops offer a second and empty RAM slot, so you can purchase another RAM stick and double your current amount or simply replace the one that came with the computer
 – Desktop PCs: if you are building one, make sure to leave space for a future upgrade (example: buy 1x4GB when you build it, and a couple of months after add another stick). On the other hand, if you are buying one, try to look for one that has space for upgrade.

Current upgrade

If you already own a computer and you need more RAM, look for your computer parts online and buy a compatible RAM stick for your computer. Keep in mind details like the type of memory and speed. Example: 4GB DDR3 memory at 1600Hz

Stay tuned for more technology tips!
Always take care of yourself,

– Atheris