Best Budget Gaming Mouse

There are a ton of gaming mouses in all shapes and sizes, however in my personal experience and opinion, I think that the Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury has the best price for its performance.


  • This mouse has 8 programmable buttons that can be used in an array of different games and 2 of them change the mouse’s sensitivity or DPI to higher or lower, making it ideal for first person shooters or just simple but quick adjustments in-game.
  • The mouse wheel is fairly standard and the body of the mouse has a very ergonomic design to fit both big and small hands very comfortably.
  • This mouse has Blue LED lights that can be programmed to different brightness and animations such as the breathing effect.
  • This mouse connects via standard USB and has a 2.1m cable (7ft)


The only drawbacks to this mouse are:

  • Relatively loud clicking: if you are on a skype call, your friends probably will hear the mouse
  • Bad for hot days if your hands sweat


If you want something a bit better, definitely check out the G402’s bigger brother, the G502 in both the Proteus Core version and the Proteus Spectrum. The things you get with those are:

  • Braided cable, which is a lot more resistant
  • Free spinning wheel
  • Bigger body
  • Customizable weights

And the only difference between the Proteus Core and Spectrum is that the Spectrum has full RGB LED lights, whereas the Core has only blue, red and white.

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